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The world of Engineering Entrance Exams like JEE(advanced) - Old IIT / JEE(Main) - Old AIEEE / BIT-SAT & SEEE is a complex maze. If one does not find the right direction at the right time , he / she gets lost. The right approach and right skills are the key factors that determine the success.

The required skills can be broadly classified as :

• Subject Knowledge

• Learning skills

• Problem solving skills

• Thinking skills

• Attitudinal issues

• Study Environment

Knowledge of the current status of these factors is important. It helps to strengthen the strong points and to work on the weak ones. The "Skill-Set Map Joy of Learning" is a unique on line test that pin points:

• The areas of excellence

• Concepts that you need to work on

• The areas of concern

This knowledge helps to reduce wastage of your time, energy and money. You can focus on these areas and improve you performance.

You may contact the authorized representative or the office of Joy of Learning for obtaining vouchers.

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